Icom IC-7100

Touch Screen Interface

The angled radio control head features a large, multi-function, “touch screen”‘ dot-matrix LCD display that is positioned for easy view and operation. It also allows you to operate it while wearing gloves. The control head’s rear panel includes an internal speaker plus jacks for external speaker/headphones, CW key and microphone.

The innovative touch screen interface provides quick operation for setting and editing various functions and memories. Just tap the frequency, mode, filter, function etc, and quickly navigate through the changes you want. Additionally, the touch screen also allows you to input alphanumeric characters for call signs or memory channels.


Intuitive Touch Screen Interface
An amateur radio first! The touch screen interface provides innovative quick and smooth operation for setting various functions and editing memories.

Slant Top Controller
The slant top controller display faces the operator and is designed to increase visibility of the display. The built-in highefficiency oval speaker provides easy to hear audio.An external speaker and electronic keyer can be connected to the controller.

D-STAR DV Mode Operation
The IC-7100 provides D-STAR DV mode digital voice and low speed data communication. Linking of D-STAR repeaters over the Internet allows you to communicate long distance with digital modulated clear intelligible audio. D-STAR: Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio




IF DSP Features
The latest 32-bit floating point DSP supports many digital processing features such as digital IF filter, twin PBT, manual notch filters. Of course, those high grade digital processing features work on all ham bands, from HF to the 70cm band.

Optional Suction Cup Mounting Base, MBF-1
The optional MBF-1 is a suction cup mounting base for easy installation in your vehicle.
MBA-1 Mobile Mounting Bracket is also required.

(Radio supplied with IC-OPC2253 separation cable kit)

Other Features
• Built-in SD Card Slot for voice storage and data cloning
• Dual DSP chips deliver versatile digital processing performance
• Built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder
• Multi-function meter
• SWR graphic display
• DSP controller RF speech compressor
• Total of 505 memory channels
• Voice recording and playback functions
• ± 0.5ppm high frequency stability
• Optional RS-BA1 IP control remote control software

Frequency coverage*1 (Unit: MHz)
Receiver 0.030–199.999*2 400.000–470.000*2
1.800–1.999 3.500–3.999 5.255–5.405*2
7.000–7.300 10.100–10.150 14.000–14.350
18.068–18.168 21.000–21.450 24.890–24.990
28.000–29.700 50.000–54.000 144.000–148.00
*1 Showing USA version. Varies according to version.
*2 Some frequency bands are not guaranteed.
WFM (Rx only)

Number of memory channels
505 (495 regular, 4 call, 6 scan edges)
700 (D-STAR repeater channels)

Antenna connector SO-239×2 (one each for HF/50 MHz and VHF/UHF bands, 50Ω)
Operating Temp. range –10°C to +60°C; +14°F to +140°F
Frequency stability Within ±0.5ppm (+0°C to +50°C)
Power supply requirement 13.8 VDC ±15%
Current drain (at 13.8 VDC) Tx Max. power 22 A / Rx Max. audio/Standby 1.5/1.2 A

Dimensions (W×H×D,projections not included)
RF unit 167×58×225 mm
Controller 165×64×78.5 mm
Weight (approx.) RF unit 2.3 kg
Controller 0.5 kg

Output power (at 13.8V DC)
HF/50 MHz 144 MHz 430/440 MHz
SSB/CW/RTTY/FM/DV 2–100 W 2–50 W 1–35 W
AM 1–40 W – –
Spurious emissions Less than –50 dB (HF bands)
Less than –63 dB (50 MHz)
Less than –60 dB (144/430 MHz)
Carrier suppression More than 50 dB
Unwanted sideband suppression More than 50 dB

Intermediate frequencies
124.487 MHz, 455 kHz, 36 kHz
134.732 MHz, 10.700 MHz

0.5–1.8MHz 1.8–29.9 MHz 50–54 MHz 144/430 MHz
SSB/CW/RTTY – 0.16μV 0.13μV 0.11μV
AM 13μV 2μV 1μV 1μV
FM 0.5μV (28–29.7MHz) 0.25μV 0.18μV
DV 1μV (28–29.7MHz) 0.63μV 0.35μV
WFM – – 10μV (76–108MHz)

More than Less than
SSB (BW=2.4 kHz, sharp) 2.4 kHz/–6 dB 3.6 kHz/–60 dB
CW (BW=500 Hz, sharp) 500 Hz/–6 dB 900 Hz/–60 dB
RTTY (BW=350 Hz) 360 Hz/–6 dB 650 Hz/–60 dB
AM (BW=6 kHz) 6.0 kHz/–6 dB 15 kHz/–60 dB
FM (BW=15kHz) 12 kHz/–6 dB 20 kHz/–60 dB
DV (12.5 kHz spacing) –50 dB

Spurious and image rejection ratio
More than 70 dB (HF bands)
More than 65 dB (50/144/430 MHz)
(except 144 MHz IF point)
Audio output power
(at 13.8 VDC)
More than 2.0 W (10% distortion, 8Ω load)

Supplied Accessories:
HM-198 microphone

IC-HM151 Touch tone mic is optional, see below
Power cable
CW Keyer plug
Spare fuses
Separation cable OPC-223
13 pin DIN cable
USB cable


Multi-band, All Mode Operation at Your Fingertips!

Icom changed the way hams think about mobile HC communication in 1995 with the introduction of the IC-706. Since then, the Icom Mobile HF radios have been the Performance HF mobile radio of choice. At the 2012 Tokyo Hamfair, Icom once again changed mobile HF communications by introducing the IC-7100. The ease of operation with fingertip control utilizing the intuitive touch screen interface with the power of 32-bit IF DSP.

Output Power

100 W HF/50 MHz
50W 144 MHz
35W 430/440 MHz

RX Frequencies:

0.030-199.99, 400-470

Receiver Type:

Triple conversion superhetrodyne




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